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10/07/2008 21:34:09
Darren Ainsworth
How do, I slightly impulse-purchased my first track day: really looking forward to it! I've had my MGB GT V8 for about 4 years, so far, its covered about 2,000 miles. This year, its done...20. And that's an optimistic estimate. I've been told that the painter will have it done by early August, and then I can start to run it in, and get a bit of feel for the suspension mods I made over the Winter. There's also an accumulation of toys on the garage shelf: greenstuff pads, rear konis, panhard rod, vented bonnet, Water Wetter and electronic ignition. It'll be interesting to see if I find time to throw all of these at it, before the event! I'm about 50 miles from Donington, so this struck me as a good starting point for track days. I quite expect to spend the whole day going backwards, but I don't care: I've done most of the work myself, so I'll be feeling smug if it lasts for the day... I wonder if its as much fun as the Cat and Fiddle road?
10/07/2008 22:59:32
Tim Guy
Welcome to MGoT Darren. Yes its loads more fun than the Cat & Fiddle road and no worries about someone coming the other way. V8s go really well on track, especially if they can be fettled to help them go round corners. [IMG][/IMG]
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