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01/05/2008 16:56:00
I previously posted a list of MGB performance parts on the forum, but with the exception of the Phantom Grip I didn't get much interest. Therefore, over the next couple of weeks all my MGB parts will be going on Ebay. So you guys get the opportunity to grab a bargain I will post a link to all the parts. Here is the first item for sale: [URL=""][/URL] Joe
02/05/2008 18:31:37
Second item is a competition wire wheel conversion kit: [URL=""][/URL] Joe
14/05/2008 17:44:45
A few more go faster MGB goodies on ebay: [LIST] [*]Chrome Bumpers:[/LIST][URL=""][/URL] [LIST] [*]K&N SU Filter:[/LIST][URL=""][/URL] [LIST] [*]Competition Springs:[/LIST][URL=""][/URL] [LIST] [*]K&N Weber Filter:[/LIST][URL=""][/URL] [LIST] [*]Uprated Springs:[/LIST][URL=""][/URL] Thanks Joe
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