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09/03/2008 23:20:44
Hi all, My name is Chris, and have just registered, and booked my place for the Castle Combe track day. I have 2 Triumph Toledos (hence the name !); one is track ready and 'named' as my car for Combe, and the other is getting close to completion after a rebuild from a bare shell. My question is this: If I should 'pull my finger out' and get the second car completed ready for Castle Combe; can I just turn up in, and use, the second car, or do I need to notify the organisers in advance.... if the later; how much notice do I need to give ?
10/03/2008 07:31:02
Hi Chris I can't see any problems but the rebuild will need to be road legal i.e have a current MOT etc etc. Obviously you could only have one car on track at any time and you would have to transfer indentifying stickers over and the 2nd car would also need to be put through its own noise tests.. If you just plan to bring one you can let us know the day before which one. Look forward to seeing you there Stu
11/03/2008 22:22:04
Thanks Stu, The rebuild would/will be 'fully road legal" anyway, as I'd have to drive it to the circuit (no trailering options :( ) Wasn't planning on taking both cars, even if they were both ready. July seems an age away at the moment; but, these things have a nasty habit of creeping up on you... especially when there's work to be done.
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