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30/01/2008 18:00:43
Hey all, im just in the throws of purchasing a new helmet for my track day fetish that is spiralling out of control!!! :D i like the look of a couple and one inparticular is a flip face model. are these acceptable for trackdays? as i think it would be a handy feature to have. i know it must conform to SA 2000 or BS 6658 Type A, but they do not allow flip faces on bike track days, so is it the same for cars?? thanks in advance Chris
31/01/2008 08:14:28
Bit of an unknown there but if it meets the relevant specifications I don't see why it wouldn't be acceptable.. Although i don't really see the point as you would have to drive with the front down as the wind would catch the front part if it was tipped up (assuming your roof was down). I use an open face helmet and have always done so. I find it's much easier to communicate with your pax that way. I have considered full face but would have to buy a suitable adaptable coms system as the last thing you want to be doing is looking at your pax because you can't hear what they are saying.. when you need to be concentrating on the track.... Stu;)
31/01/2008 21:01:19
The helmet iv seen is the 'Roof Boxer' and has the optoin of flipping the chin/face gaurd round to the back, while leaving the visor in place thus resulting in it being both an open face and/or a full face. ive been on numerus helmet shop sites and they all seem to be made to the euro standards for bike helmets. the only car type helmets with the correct standards all start from £300 :eek: even all the helmet shops near me dont have much of an idea about any other standards than the ones needed for bikes. just how strict are the marshalls at the trackdays? do they actually check for the standards printed on the helmet?? at donnington i borrowed a mates bike helmet all covered in graphics and no one said anything!!
31/01/2008 22:06:20
Tim Guy
I'm not sure that the rules are that closely scrutineered by the circuit officials but you never know when its going to happen. Fran and I have cheapo £69 Sparco Club Helmets which have BS6658 :1985 Type A approval. Open face strictly should not be used with the hood down but it seems not to be a problem. If it becomes one you can just put the hood up. Its not going to stop you getting on track.
31/01/2008 23:19:50
Gary and Denise both use the Sparco Club Helmet at £69 approx ... Get a Demon Tweeks catalogue and you will have dozens to choose from .. And hundreds of other goodies ....:D
16/03/2008 21:35:29
[b]Flip front helmets[/b] I think I'm right in saying that flip front helmets only meet the stated safety standard with the front flipped down (ie that's the state in which they're tested), it's only intended to be flipped up when you're not moving so you can chat, light a fag, pay for petrol, eat a Ginsters and so on. The police have been known to nick bikers for riding 'flipped up' OMP make the cheapest BS approved helmets, mine came from Grand Prix Racewear from memory. They have a shop at Silverstone Circuit just outside the main gate. I sometimes think about the wisdom of putting my head inside the cheapest available helmet though.
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