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13/01/2008 15:01:15
hi,if there were a number of interested zs owners from xpower forums would it be possible for us to come along to this event as a groupand join in? Any idea of cost ? Thanks Dave
15/01/2008 15:13:59
[quote=d.breen]hi,if there were a number of interested zs owners from xpower forums would it be possible for us to come along to this event as a groupand join in? Any idea of cost ? Thanks Dave[/quote]Hi Dave, Good to hear from you. We’re always open to sharing days with other groups and clubs. A number of the events already planned for this year are being shared with the likes of Lotus-on-Track (LoT), the MX5 Owners Club, Club Triumph etc. We also get requests, like yours, from MG groups. Funnily enough I had one just the other day from the North London MG Club and replied with much the same answer as I’ll give you now. Here’s how we handle these things. Usually a club wants to share a day because they can’t make the day work on their own. Circuit hire costs are expensive and you need a significant number of cars to make a day work – as you know. If a club wants to share a day with us, we sell the entire session to them up front and then let them sell the individual places to their members. This guarantees the club a dedicated session which is usually what they want and what we want. Such shared days take quite a bit of planning. The club that signs the contract with the circuit needs to be sure that the other clubs are committed and ready to pay their share. For example, with Donington in October we have traditionally shared this day with LoT and they committed before Xmas to do this again for 2008. So, we entered 2008 knowing that we were only exposed to filling two sessions at Donington for MGs – something that we’ve always been able to do easily. Filling the entire day (Donny requires 75 cars to be financially viable) would perhaps still be beyond us even though we’ve grown significantly over the years. Whilst this is the only option for non-MG clubs, of course there is another option for MG clubs. There is no reason why individual members shouldn’t book directly into one of our normal MGoT sessions. We are totally inclusive of all MG clubs, groups and individual MG enthusiasts. We are affiliated to the MG Car Club (MGCC), as this brings us limited liability status – important for those of us on the organising committee. This means that we do give favourable pricing to MGCC members – usually just £10 at a track day. Otherwise all are more than welcome. Apologies for the long explanation, but I felt it was important for you to know all the relevant background. The conclusion is that we can’t offer you a dedicated session at Donington, as we already have a partner club for this day. However, we’d be more than happy to see some of your members join in the general MGoT sessions by booking places directly through our website (once we open this event for booking). If you want to plan a shared day with us, then let’s talk some more. Drop me an email to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Regards, Dave
15/01/2008 22:03:59
thats ok ,i dont really want the responsibility of filling places on my shoulders tbh. So i will start a thread on x power forums and i think we will get a number of interested zs owners together to join in on this day.:) Thanks Dave
15/01/2008 22:20:03
That's great Dave - I'll look forward to seeing you and the other ZS guys there. :) Cheers, Dave
16/01/2008 19:27:32
I am well up for this too. Sie
16/01/2008 19:54:09
Hi again I Will prob be up for this again to :D
03/05/2008 11:18:50
Just signed up. Hope to make this event. Funds possible. Cheers Mark.
15/06/2008 19:34:50
but wirls you aint got a zs you great pufter:rolleyes: im still hoping to make this,be a good chance to test the effects of some set up tweeks ,new mods etc. Dave
12/07/2008 09:08:00
All bought and paid for.... and with the added bonus it's goning to get Grand Prix status in 2010 !!! Super Sweet. Hope you can make this breeny !
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