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05/11/2007 21:32:13
I've posted the few photos I managed to take, if you'd like a copy of the file contact me using the messaging with an e-mail address quoting the photo number and I'll forward it on, no charge but when you 'buy' your poppy put a bit extra in. Thanks
05/11/2007 22:47:32
[b]Nice photos ...[/b] Wow ...There are some very nice piccies here ...Well done ...:) I'll order mine later .. Gary ...
05/11/2007 23:52:08
Martin C
[b]Added mine[/b] Nice shots Chris :D I've put the best of the few I took today. If anybody wants copies of any then please PM me and I'll forward high resolution copies. Along with any others I took that I've not put up in the gallery. Note, these on the site are low resolution. Cheers
22/11/2007 21:28:04
Tim Guy
Finally also posted a few today. There must be some way of selecting a list to upload but I'm too daft to find it.
23/11/2007 07:39:05
Martin C
Nice selection of photo's Tim. :D You can upload a batch by creating a zip file with them in and uploading that. I'll e-mail you the details when I get back home.
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