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05/11/2007 20:46:42
Thank you to all involved in organising today's events, a fantastic job at a fantastic circuit.
05/11/2007 21:12:45
[b]Thanks for the ride[/b] I agree, a fantastic day even though I did not drive the circuit I managed to get five trips as a passenger after my exhaust note was ruled too loud for the circuit. He ho, initial disappointment was tempered by the kind offer of many today. With thanks to - Hanno Kirner for an incredible introduction to Goodwood in his Z4. ok not an MG but due his misfortune with a reluctant MGB I was gifted a ride to learn the track like no other. Peter Kuruber Twice, (boy do I want an RV8 for Christmas) Chris Godden and Martin Charles also kindly took me around the circuit. Interesting how all were quick but generally with different styles and lines. Thanks guys, much appreciated and a testament to the marque of friendship. The car is now off to Sheppard Racing to be sorted for next year. Hope to see you then. Steve:)
05/11/2007 23:56:38
Martin C
[b]My pleasure[/b] Steve, My pleasure to chauffer you and take a little of the edge off your disappointment :) I was also pleased I didn't scare you speechless, ' cause I bloody scare myself :eek: Hope the surgery on the B goes well and we really do look forward to seeing you next year :D
07/11/2007 19:45:19
[b]No problem[/b] No problem Beaujolais you helped balance my weight out a bit. Sorry there wasn't much to hang on to and thanks for not choosing the handbrake. Best of luck with the car.
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