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26/03/2007 07:47:54
Only 6 weeks to go now! I'm looking forward to doing Croft again but hopefully I'll leave the track after the day under my own steam this time ! :D (Gear linkage failed !) Dave and I are staying locally on both the Friday and the Saturday this time so we can have a leisurely drive home on the Sunday morning instead of a tired drive on the Saturday eve. There is still limited availablity at the B&B but if you want in you'll need to be quick. Contact Dave or me for contact details. See you all there:D Stu:cool:
07/04/2007 18:30:10
heads up tracksters! Snetterton is full, Castle Coombe is full and there are now only 3 places left at Croft so if you want to come out n play with us on the track in the next 3 months this is your last chance:D Stu
08/04/2007 20:50:18
Croft is now also full. As you can see we have a couple of Elise beginners in with us as a favour to our friends at L.O.T. See you all there folks Stu:D
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