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21/04/2004 15:49:05
Steve White
[size=2]Whilst perusing the Bedford Autodrome site to decided whether to go or not, I came across the noise regs for the track:- [/size][QUOTE] [b]What noise limits apply?[/b] It is very important that the noise limits are clearly understood to avoid disappointment. These are specified and form part of our planning permission so there is no room for discretionary relaxation. Although they can seem stringent to some, we operate our Motorsport Sensation programme, which includes Formula Palmer Audi single seaters and the Palmer Jaguars, in full compliance with these limits. They are very reasonable and ensure Bedford Autodrome creates the minimum disturbance to our neighbours. [b]Please read the following carefully because if your car, at any time, exceeds our noise limits you will not be allowed to drive it on our circuit.[/b] At Bedford Autodrome we have two noise tests. First your car will be subjected to a static test, in which the noise level is measured 50cm away from your exhaust pipe with the engine at 75% of maximum rpm. The reading must not exceed 101 dB(A). Secondly, and more significantly, your car must comply with our drive-by noise limits. The noise emission from your car must not exceed 87 dB(A) measured 20 metres from your car, which shall be accelerating maximally at over 60 mph. All standard volume production cars will pass this test with ease, so, for example, if you have a standard Audi, BMW, Porsche, Subaru or Mitsubishi you will have no problems at all. The drive-by level will probably be less than 80 dB(A). Cars, which tend to fail the test include most bike-engined cars, eg Westfields, Radicals and Caterhams, plus cars fitted with particularly loud “high performance” exhausts, as sometimes fitted to, for example, Caterhams, Lotuses, TVRs and Subarus. If you are at all concerned that your car may not pass, it is advisable to either come to Bedford in advance for a free noise check, in which case e–mail [email=""][color=#0000ff][/color][/email] to arrange this, or try to get an independent test done locally to you. You could try [url=""][color=#606420][/color][/url] to find a local noise consultant, but they are likely to charge you for this. It must be stressed that the drive-by limit at Bedford is not something that can be "cheated". The noise monitor records continually and we also have other noise meters around the track, so please do not think you will necessarily be able to continue running if you can pass the initial check. [/QUOTE]Having just had a new sports exhaust fitted I'm now a bit concerned as to if my car would pass, if I decide to came along. Anyone know how load an F/TF with a sports exhaust is typically? and how close the the limit they normally are? I assume that quite a few other cars going, particularly the Lotus's, will be in the same situation. I dont want to book a place an then find I can go on track because I'm too noisy ;)
21/04/2004 17:54:29
Cannonball Bob
Fear not. My F has a Miltek SP exhaust and K&N fitted and at Goodwood last year peaked at 94dB/5000rpm measured at 1.5m I think it was. Drive-by limits tend to echo the static limits in terms of practicality. Using Goodwood as an example, the only car to fail that day out of over 50 various makes and models was a Mitsubishi Evo VII with a sports exhaust.
21/04/2004 21:51:41
Bob's right - you'd have to be very unlucky to have an F/TF recording much more than 98db with whatever exhaust.
22/04/2004 10:41:54
Rob Bell
Agreed - the loudest exhaust I've ever tested on an MGF/TF (and that's been a few LOL :D) was 98dB for a Trevor Taylor Fxtreme. All the others were in the 95dB ball park - so no problem. The only time when your F/TF could have problems with noise is when the catalyst has been removed - and since you've got a sports cat (?) Steve, there isn't a problem :)
22/04/2004 16:30:03
I am not sure about Bedford but Castle Combe and Goodwood have on site motorsport shops. Even if you fail the sound test you can rent bolt on silencers. They aren't cheap, I think I paid 40quid each at Goodwood and with a twin exit you obviously need two. My car recorded 104db at Goodwood and 99db at Castle Combe, but in very different weather conditions. Brands Hatch and Silverstone didn't sound test any cars did they? well not mine anyway.
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