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14/11/2023 19:59:58
richard bradshaw
Hi Chap's, Where would we find the photos from the Goodwood day in October ?

Cheers RichardĀ 
15/11/2023 09:49:14
Duncan Wood
I'll chase Dani to see how she's getting on with them.
Cheers, Duncan
15/11/2023 09:53:00
Duncan Wood
Sorry For brief answer....I thought I was replying to a different Richard!
I will ask Dani the photographer when they'll be ready and we'll post a link on the website. Hopefully soon.
All the best, DuncanĀ 
15/11/2023 17:50:48
richard bradshaw
That's great, thanks Duncan
20/11/2023 11:12:38
Duncan Wood
Dear Richard,

In case you didn't spot it the link to the photos is now on the home page.
I hope Dani captured your best side!

Best wishes,
21/11/2023 07:31:12
richard bradshaw
Yep, spotted them, thanks Duncan