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26/08/2023 13:57:20
Welcome to our second visit to Goodwood, we look forward to seeing to you all at our track days and for those who are looking to stop overnight prior to the event why not consider booking into where you will some likeminded people to chat and have drink with the night before your track day.
Track name:    Goodwood
Track post code:    PO18 0PX
Hotel name:    Travelodge, Fontwell
Hotel Address:    A27/A29 Fontwell,
Nr Arundel, West Sussex
Hotel post code:    BN18 0SB
What 3 Words    
Hotel website:    Click here
Room rates:    Fr £34.99
Restaurant?    The Old Stables, next door, excellent menu and beers
Breakfast:    No
Parking:    Good
Parking for trailers:    Yes
Distance from track:    6 miles
Travel time to track:    8 mins
Places nearby to eat:    
Hotel name:    Chichester South (Gate Leisure Park) hotel
Hotel Address:    Chichester Gate Leisure Park, Terminus Road, Chichester
Hotel post code:    PO19 8EL
What 3 Words    
Hotel website:    Click here
Room rates:    Fr £47
Restaurant?    Yes
Breakfast:    Extra, £9.50 check times
Parking:    Yes
Parking for trailers:    Please check
Distance from track:    3.2 miles
Travel time to track:    12 mins

If you do book then I suggest you make this known by replying to this thread so that others know there are other members staying.

If you have any recommendations for this or other track days as to other places to stay and eat the night before please let me know

29/08/2023 17:37:13
Peter M Kuruber
I have booked at the Premier Inn Chichester South for £47 and will be glad of some company in the evening!
29/08/2023 21:38:43
There appear to be two Travelodge hotels in the same place or very close to one another - "Fontwell" and "Fontwell Park" with the latter costing more and getting better reviews!  I have for now booked both on a cancellable basis.
10/10/2023 12:34:50
There are indeed two hotels across the road (A27) from one another. Fontwell Park is on the A29 approaching the roundabout with the A27 and is next door to the Old Stables pub. Fontwell is across the A27 next to a garage and KFC. Both look basic but get good reviews on service. Where are we planning to eat and drink - the Old Stables?
10/10/2023 13:31:03
Hi, I'm not at Goodwood this year but I have stayed at the Travelodge next door to the Old Stables a couple of times in the past. The Traveledge was fine and the Old Stables excellent Regards Mark
14/10/2023 19:48:31
just in case anyone has booked the Chichester Park Hotel or intends to, I have been told that it closed permanently on 26th September this year - some have had bookings there that they have had to request refunds rather than being informed by the hotel. This is their website although there is not much there now:
20/10/2023 09:22:50
Peter M Kuruber
Is anyone else staying at Premier Inn Chichester South on Sunday night?
20/10/2023 09:24:04
Hi all, Anyone planning to eat at the Old Stables on Sunday night? If you respond here, I will book a table tomorrow. James M
20/10/2023 10:36:39
Yes to drinks & dinner at the Old Stables - me (Rene) and my passenger (Andrew) please
21/10/2023 18:24:10
Hi Rene,
It looks like its just us!
Anyway, I have booked a table for 19.30 so see you in the bar 19.00 to 19.15: is that OK?
Anyone else wishing to join us, please come along: I doubt if it will be full!
21/10/2023 20:38:19
Good evening James, that's perfect - see you tomorrow
21/10/2023 22:32:42
In case we have difficulty finding each other, my number is 07805 812779, table booked in the name of James Mumford.
22/10/2023 16:11:30
Am running late, don't wait for me.
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