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11/04/2023 17:27:12

Are you are looking for some likeminded people to chat and have drink with the night before your track day then consider booking into the

Track post code: SN14 7EY

What 3 Words

Hotel name: Premier, Chippenham

Hotel Address: Cepen Park, West Cepen Way, Chippenham

Hotel post code: SN14 6UZ

Hotel website: click here

Room rates:    Fr £48

Restaurant?     Brewers Fayre

Breakfast:       Optional £9.99

Parking:          Yes

Parking for trailers:    Please check

Distance from track:   5 miles

Travel time to track:   11 mins

Places nearby to eat:   Tale of spice, 0.7miles, 14mins on foot

   Please note I've not stayed at this venue myself but I know it is favoured by a few members over recent years

 Hotel name:    Cross Hands Hotel by Greene King Inns

Hotel Address:            Tetbury Rd, Old Sodbury, Yate

Hotel post code:          B37 6RJ

What 3 Words

Hotel website:  click here

Room rates:    Fr £63

Restaurant?     Yes

Breakfast:       Yes £10

Parking:          Yes

Parking for trailers:    Please check

Distance from track:   6 miles

Travel time to track:   12 mins

  Please note I've not stayed at this venue myself

 B&B's in the area:      click here

   If you do book then I suggest you make this known by replying to this thread so that others know there are other members staying.

   If you have any recommendations for this or other track days as to other places to stay and eat the night before please let me know

13/04/2023 19:57:00
Peter Macdonald
Premier Inn booked. £48 as advertised. 
14/04/2023 14:28:49
I've Booked Premier Inn, too.  Looking forward to it all.
01/05/2023 22:59:48
I'm booked at the Premier Inn.
09/05/2023 20:53:59
Hi All,

The restaurant manager at the Chippenham Brewers Fayre Inn asked me to add some details about the restaurant which is just next door to the Premier Inn. The details are:

This Premier Inn hosts the local Brewers Fayre which can be found here: Cepen Park:

Please post here if you need any further information. Nearer the date one of us will collelct numbers eating and book a table!

23/05/2023 15:25:44
Peter M Kuruber
If any members are travelling from the west or south west I can recommend the Premier Inn at Emersons Green, about 10 mins off the M4 north of Bristol, where I will be staying and would be pleased for some company in the evening!!
24/05/2023 18:18:45
I'm also booked at Cepen Park Premier Inn.
25/05/2023 12:05:56
Currently getting the B GT V8 ready for Castle Combe. My garage are fitting 4 point Sparco drivers seat belt. Have used existing mounting points for lap belts. They are asking where to mount the two over-shoulder belts. Can any GT owner help please? Ideally with pictures please.
29/05/2023 13:38:34
Do we know if there is room for trailers at the Premier inn? i cant get an answer on the phone there....
29/05/2023 20:45:50
Just got through - yes but its 1st come, first served....
01/06/2023 15:05:37
Duncan Wood
Dear All.
I'm also staying at Cepen Park and am happy to book a table for 19.30hrs if that suits everyone?
Assuming everyone in the previous messages is planning on eating I believe it goes something like this:

Peter Macdonald,
Steve Mussett,
Rene Chinnery
Richard and Debbie Pipe,
Tim Winton plus one?
Duncan Wood.

Please add any alterations as needed.
Cheers, Duncan.
01/06/2023 18:40:38
Hi , I am staying at PI Chippingham. Please add me for dinner, Sunday evening. Andrew.
02/06/2023 09:15:56
Hi, I am also staying at the PI, please include me in the booking.  James
02/06/2023 14:14:24
Duncan Wood
Welcome James and welcome Andrew!
I'll book a table for ten of us for 19.30hrs but imagine pre-dinner drinks around 19.00hrs would be a good idea.
If anyone mentioned above isn't planning to eat please let me know, otherwise see you all on Sunday evening.
Cheers, Duncan.

02/06/2023 14:54:33
Peter Macdonald
Pre dinner drinks are a very good idea👍. I'm looking forward to it and a fun day on track Monday
04/06/2023 18:35:19
Thanks Duncan!