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27/02/2023 20:44:59
Duncan Wood
A shared meal and perhaps a couple of drinks.....surely the best way to spend the evening before a track day.
Use this forum discussion to coordinate meeting up with your fellow MGoT members. Even if you are local and don't need accommodation everyone is welcome to come along.

This year a few of us are staying, eating and drinking at:
The Brackenborough Hotel, 
LN11 0SZ
01507 609169
Currently rooms start at £80.00

Another good place to stay is:
The Admiral Rodney Hotel,
01507 523131
Rooms from £90.00 available.

Both hotels are pretty ok for parking.

Leave a message here if you can suggest another place for members to stay or to join a meet-up.
Please don't make me eat alone!  

28/02/2023 19:03:19
Peter Macdonald
Just booked in to the Brackenborough Hotel.
15/03/2023 14:56:57
I've also booked at the Brackenborough
30/03/2023 17:04:55
Booked in to the Brackenborough Hotel.
19/04/2023 20:26:05
I have just booked in to the Brackenborough Hotel, 
Orange MGF
20/04/2023 12:10:53
Duncan Wood
Dear All,

By my estimation we have eight for dinner:
Peter Macdonald
Steve Mussett
Paul Moore
Andrew Smith
Richard Gormley
Martin Holmes
Dave Pearce
Duncan Wood

I'll book a table for 19.30hrs but expect we'll gather beforehand in the bar.