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06/02/2023 12:30:28
Duncan Wood

What better way to spend the evening before an event than by sharing a meal or a drink with some like-minded people?
A few have already booked accommodation at the Silverstone Premier Inn for the Sunday before Silverstone. The hotel is only four miles from the circuit, has plenty of parking, and is adjacent to The Green Man restaurant.
Please use this discussion to co-ordinate numbers, times, etc. All are welcome.

Silverstone Premier Inn,
Brackley Hatch, Nr. Brackley,
NN13 5TX
Currently there are rooms available from £ 43.00.
09/02/2023 20:42:15
Peter Macdonald
Im booked in for this. Drinks and dinner....sounds good to me!!
18/02/2023 12:14:13
Already booked - see you there!
19/02/2023 13:23:48
Martin C
I'm booked in, always up for a pint, meal and chat.
01/03/2023 16:46:55
Jeremy Morley
I've booked room here and look forward to meeting up
06/03/2023 13:06:02
I am booked at the Premier Inn, so see you there. Around 7.00 to meet up?
06/03/2023 13:16:08
My son Duncan & I are booked in too. See you at the bar a socialable pint :-)
06/03/2023 15:33:42
David Pearce
We (Steve and I) are booked in for Sunday night.  Will be at the bar by 7pm if not sooner - see you there!
06/03/2023 20:50:08
Shall I book a table for 7:30pm then? I count 10 (including me) to eat. Please let me know of any others or if you don't wish to join us to eat but are just coming for a drink!
07/03/2023 17:01:31
Hi, 7.30 seems a good time!
07/03/2023 17:32:39
David Pearce
Good for us, Nigel, thanks for organising.
07/03/2023 17:34:27
Thank you, we'll see there
07/03/2023 22:02:23
Martin C
Hi Nigel, 7:30pm good for me, I'm flying solo.
09/03/2023 09:17:49
Peter Macdonald
7.30 pm dinner good for me. And drinks before...!!!
09/03/2023 17:29:04
Minor update. We have one table for 5 at 7:30pm and a second table of 5 for 8pm as they are really busy and could not accommodate a table of 10. So this seemed better than having to drive somewhere else! Fight amongst yourselves for the 7:30 and 8pm slots!
10/03/2023 20:50:44
Martin C
Oooh! Good..................Scrum anyone?  See you guys there, I'm going to Silverstone Museum in the afternoon.
12/03/2023 17:20:27
Jeremy Morley
Nigel, I missed this part of the thread so am hoping I am part of your ten…🙏? Either way I’ll see you at the bar around 7.00pm Jeremy Morley