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08/01/2023 20:50:13
Hi, I've not seen anyone introduce themselves, but here goes.  I've got a non-genuine B GT V8 which I built 11 years ago, used for a couple of years and put in the back of the garage with a rattly engine in late 2013. I'm thinking of dragging it out and doing some track days  before it's too late - I'm in my mid 60s so time is of the essence! Blyton is my target as it is fairly local and provides a sensible timescale to get the car on the road....
04/05/2023 17:27:09
Hi John
  My sincere apologies for the very very tardy response. Our new website was launched last Oct and the forum shortly after that. What we hadn't appreciated is a new posting in the 'introduction' thread was not being highlighted. Our web writer discovered and has amended the site code to avoid this happening again.

  As for Blyton, as it happens I'm the Event Manager for this track day as well as being the Committee's webmaster. Like you I live near the track [30mins] between Lincoln and Gainsborough and have an MGB roadster V8.

  Having checked your account, if you wish to book a track day you will need to complete:
   1. Your account details
   2. Add at least 1 car to your garage
   3. Add at least 1 driver
  At this point you should have 3 ticks [bottom right of your account page] which means you can book. I also recommend turning email Comms ON so you receive our newsletters which announce track days opening for booking.
  If you have any problems then please contact me thru here or by email on
Kind regards
Mark Peters