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08/01/2023 20:45:39
Hi, I've not seen anyone introduce themselves, but here goes.  I've got a non-genuine B GT V8 which I built 11 years ago, used for a couple of years and put in the back of the garage with a rattly engine in late 2013. I'm thinking of dragging it out and doing some track days  before it's too late - I'm in my mid 60s so time is of the essence! Blyton is my target as it is fairly local and provides a sensible timescale to get the car on the road....
01/02/2023 14:11:39
Duncan Wood
Dear John,

If you think this is a slow reply to your message then wait 'til you see my driving on described as glacial!
Blyton is an excellent introduction to our track days as it's a very low-key venue, relaxed, and with quite limited numbers. A couple of the committee members also run V8 MGB's so there'll be no shortage of spurious and probably unwanted advice on tap!
A few of us stay at The White Swan at Scotter on the night before, so feel free to join us for a drink or meal on the Sunday evening if you would like.
In the meantime, please contact us with any questions you might have about the way the events are run (or anything else).

With best wishes,
MGoT Secretary.