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16/07/2022 17:44:39
I'm a bit concerned about the hot weather conditions and how it could affect the track and the car, not to mention the journey home. Government advice is not to travel unless absolutely necessary. Is anyone else thinking about this, or pressing on regardless?
16/07/2022 22:52:41
I contacted the circuit today and they have just come back to me late this evening to say that the day will go ahead as planned. Personally, I have taken the decision not to go, mainly as the forecast temperatures for mid-afternoon on Monday onwards are for 38 C from around 3pm on Monday. I have at least a 4.5 hour journey back and thought it sensible to give it a miss. I know of at least two others who are having similar thoughts due to long homeward journeys. The downside is that there won't be any refunds for those of us who choose not to attend though. Not sure if this is of any help, but as you rightly say, the advice is for essential travel only and some of us have very long journeys.