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01/06/2018 21:39:35
Hi new member here any advice on a race seat for a 1974 bgt I need it low and fairly wide lol il try and work on the wide any recommendations appreciated I will be road driving to Thanks
12/09/2018 12:42:15
Hi Ian, only just seen your post. I have MX5 seats in my GT which I find supportive on trackdays and very comfortable on the road, especially with harder springs fitted. They fit low to the floor and the fore and aft slide mechanism works a treat, also you have reclining adjustment as well. Mine are the earlier high back style with cloth upholstery so you wont slide about. They look right in the car as if they were an original fitment. Hope this is of use to you. Cheers
07/10/2018 21:51:53
Thanks Rich that sounds a great option how-ether I found a pair of seats online that will take full race harness so when I fit my roll cage that may be good ? Going to Goodwood for my first outing with mg s on track really looking forward to it .
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