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16/03/2018 19:51:11
I will be driving up from Devon tomorrow, Saturday, and am staying with relatives nearby, but... Can I ask what happens if Silverstone is snow bound? Is the event re-scheduled?
17/03/2018 18:24:32
Hi Martin, As of this afternoon (Saturday 17th March) we have not received anything from Silverstone as regards Mondays event. This last happened a few years ago and we received notification on the Sunday. last time, the event was rescheduled later in the year (September), but contractually Silverstone are not obliged to rearrange the date due to weather issues. If/when we receive any notification that Mondays event is cancelled we will put an announcement on the front page of our website, on our Facebook page [URL=""]HERE[/URL] and an update will be sent by email to all participants.
18/03/2018 07:44:02
Thanks Nigel, I’m about 15 miles away today and have woken up to 1-2” of snow and a strong wind so unless it melts today I suspect Silverstone may have a problem for Monday! Weather is not good for today and staying below zero but sunny periods forecast for Monday. We’ll have to wait and see... Martin
18/03/2018 09:21:14
Dave P
Just spoken to Silverstone and they have cancelled the TD they were due to run today as there is too much snow to clear off the GP circuit. They will make a decision on our day at 12.00 so I will update everyone then.
18/03/2018 12:12:18
Dave P
I have now heard from the circuit and the day has been [SIZE="5"][COLOR="Red"]cancelled[/COLOR][/SIZE]. I have e-mailed out to all who have booked but also posting in case any did not get through.
23/03/2018 08:32:20
Dave P
Please note that the replacement for our cancelled Silverstone day has been confirmed as Tuesday 10th April. All participants have been e-mailed and the event should be up on the website soon so that any cancelled places can be re-booked. Let's hope for a sunny day!
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