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24/02/2018 18:23:56
Hi all, Im staying the night before at The Brackley Lodge Premier Inn, anyone else staying if so do you want to meet up for Dinner Sunday night. Colin:)
25/02/2018 17:44:14
Hi Colin, sounds good, Chris and I will be there. Look forward to seeing you then. Cheers, Richard
09/03/2018 17:39:11
Hi Colin, If you mean the Brackley Hatch Premier Inn, the one behind the Green Man, then I am staying there too and up for dinner. If anyone else wants to join us, let me know on this page and I will book a table at the Green Man nearer the time. James
15/03/2018 10:43:30
Hi James, yes thats were Im staying, sounds good meeting for dinner I know there are others staying there to:)
16/03/2018 10:47:51
Colin Thanks, thats good. There are only us three so far on this thread plus Martin Holmes who may join us but is staying elsewhere. If you know of others who are staying and want dinner, can you let me have the probable numbers then I will book a table. Would 7.30pm suite all? James
16/03/2018 17:15:51
Hi James, there are thee others that I know of Colin:)
17/03/2018 18:38:58
Hi all, Table booked in my name for six to eight people for 8.00pm; they can't do any earlier (unless you want to eat at 6.00pm!) but I think we can occupy ourselves in the bar till then. I aim to be in the bar around 7.30 so see you all then - snow willing. Others welcome to join us if you wish to. James
17/03/2018 20:34:57
See you in the bar at 7.30, hopefully! Cheers, Richard
18/03/2018 12:23:23
Hi all As you have no doubt noticed, the TD is cancelled. I am therefore cancelling our table booking as well. James
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