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28/02/2017 18:59:32
Hi I'm looking to purchase a new helmet, it's only for track days. At the lower price end they all seem to be ECE 22.05 [EC2205]. The FAQ's doesn't mention this standard and I haven't be able to find if they are compatible. I did find a thread on this site going back to 2004 which mentioned that circuits such as Silverstone and Brands don't accept this standard. Is that still the case as my 1st of the season is Silverstone? :confused: Kind regards Mark
01/03/2017 00:01:37
Hope this helps - Taken from our Frequently Asked Questions. [U][B]What Specification Helmet do I need.[/B][/U] All circuits require that occupants wear “suitable” helmets – ie properly fitting and secured – that are approved for car, motorcycle or karting, are undamaged, and which meet BS requirements or are Kite-marked. It is your head you are protecting so it does not make sense to cut corners. The choice is yours, but MGoT recommends helmets meeting at least BS6658-85 or Snell 2000 specifications; if you are buying a new helmet you should consider Snell 2010. Some circuits now specify closed face helmets for soft top cars, irrespective of whether the hood is up or down. Others allow open face in all cars. Brands Hatch, Oulton Park, Snetterton, Cadwell Park, Bedford and Hethel specify that: • full-face helmets must be worn in any open/convertible car regardless of whether the soft-top is up or down; this includes vehicles fitted with folding fabric/Webasto sunroofs; • Open-face helmets may be worn in cars with a fixed roof or hard-top, and/or fitted with glass sunroofs. Croft specifies that: • full-face helmets must be worn in any open/convertible car regardless of whether the soft-top is up or down; • folding fabric/Webasto sunroofs and open cars fitted with fixed hard-tops are not subject to the above restriction; • open-face helmets may otherwise be worn. Goodwood requires that: • full-face helmets must be worn in open cars fitted with cut-down or folding windscreens/aero-and flyscreens; • otherwise any type of helmet is acceptable. Donington, Castle Combe and Blyton Park: • do not impose restrictions on the type of helmet. MGs on Track do not scrutineer; we require our members to self check that both their car and safety equipment is to the required standard. You will sign an indemnity for the day which has clauses confirming that you are conforming.
01/03/2017 06:56:28
Dave P
In their operating procedures Silverstone specify helmets approved by the MSA which are as follows: SNELL SA2005 (Not valid after 31.12.18) SNELL SA2010 (Not valid after 31.12.23) SNELL SA2015 (Not valid after 31.12.23) SNELL SAH2010. We have a concession to use BS6658A and BS6658AFR at our trackday in March but anyone buying a new helmet should go for SNELL SA2015.
01/03/2017 09:36:12
Hi Thanks, I had seen the FAQ's but no mention of EC2205 so I was wondering if there had been update but from Dave P's posting it wld seem they not acceptable. Looks like Snell 2010 or better still maybe 2015 Kind regards Mark
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