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17/07/2016 22:30:57
Thanks for organising the day at Blyton, I am sure those that were there enjoyed the day as much as I did. A great little track and the weather gods were kind - the weather was perfect for a track day. I had my reservations about the opl in the afternoon (as it was my first experience of opl) particularly with the variety of cars on track but all the drivers were well behaved and it worked really well. Many thanks to Duncan for the use of his tent and everyone for their company.
18/07/2016 07:39:31
Yes a very good day. It's the first time that we have driven at Blyton and what a great track. Thanks to all the organizers and hope we go back there. Pete
18/07/2016 09:32:59
Martin Holmes
I would like to add my thanks to Dave for arranging everything in his usual highly efficient way. As a Blyton first timer too I was very pleasantly surprised at such an interesting circuit which really grows on you and I was somewhat concerned that the afternoon OPL might be 'challenging' too with fast MX5's and of course some quick 911's but as mentioned the track behaviour was excellent and it worked very well indeed. It's a fun circuit and let's hope we can broker another deal with a partner again and revisit. For those of you unaware a belated Many Happy returns to our Chairman! ( it was Friday ) He is amazing for 89 I am sure you will all agree!!!
18/07/2016 13:06:16
Yes many thanks for a well organised day, I had similar concerns over the OPL but all went very well and the MX5's weren't that much faster and I did pass 2 Boxters. Nigel The Purple F
19/07/2016 06:27:33
Dave P
This was our first trackday where we took a session from Mazda on Track and I was very impressed by their organisation and control of the day. As a number of people have mentioned the OLP sector, with the wide disparity in car performance, had potential for 'aggro' but driving standards were very good and the marshals were active with the blue flags in the odd instance where drivers had not noticed the faster car behind. Bodes well for our next shared day with MoT at Oulton in November.
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