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21/03/2016 08:57:28
Hi all of you that are going to Snetterton, I will be staying at Breckland Lodge, if anyone else is, be good to meet for dinner:) Colin
29/03/2016 20:13:31
Hi Colin, I shall be staying with a friend, who lives 4 miles from the circuit, and is the owner of a very nice CGT :) . We may well pop over for a drink with you in the bar during the evening, if not I shall look forward to seeing you on the day. Cheers, Richard
01/04/2016 07:34:23
Hi Richard, it would be good if you can get over that evening with your friend, he is not the weather wizard is he? Colin:)
03/04/2016 18:12:40
Hi Colin, I sacked the weather wizard after Brands in December, he got it totally wrong. I've taken on the role myself. I predict mainly light cloud with some sunny spells from lunchtime onwards. My friend Fred Sutton is American, although I don't hold that against him as he is a member of the MGCC, and he lives conveniently close to Snetterton! :) See you soon Richard
14/04/2016 14:28:07
Is the price correct? It's much cheaper through MSV :confused:
15/04/2016 14:08:23
Dave P
Hi Gavin, We run our days at break-even but cannot match the £ 135 that MSV are charging unless we increase numbers. I suspect they are subsidising the session as the day is novice only and they will be keen to get more people participating in their trackdays. The 'normal' OLP days at Snett are £ 159 at this time of the year. They run more cars on circuit with 40 rather than the 36 that is our limit on the Snetterton 300 so this equates to £ 150 with 36 cars. They also charge £ 10 for passengers (free with us) and £ 25 for instruction (£15 with us). You pays your money and makes your choice!
15/04/2016 18:03:33
Yup; looks like a bit of a loss leader to get the locals off their banjo playing.:D
18/04/2016 11:17:57
Apologies if that came across as a dig, it wasn't meant that way, I would rather pay more and go out on track with you guys then some of the idiots I've seen on general days (S2000 owner overtaking 5 cars on the sighting laps springs to mind...) :) just wondered why the price was different :)
25/04/2016 18:26:56
Steve Higgs
[b]Sunay evening meal ?[/b] Is the Sherbourne House recommended?
18/05/2016 13:26:02
Shall we have a show of hands for the Breckland Lodge on Sunday night? I'm in!
18/05/2016 14:08:17
Hi Steve, long time no see, glad you are going to be there, I was begining to feel like Billy no mates ha ha O well story of my life see yu there Colin:)
18/05/2016 18:36:10
Martin Holmes
Hi Colin, I have booked Breckland Lodge and I am sure there are one or two other chaps staying too including Steve Brand. Shall we book a table for dinner? ( all very welcome of course ) Best wishes, Martin
19/05/2016 07:23:52
Hi Martin, sounds like a good idea any time would suit me:) Colin
19/05/2016 10:40:09
Hi All, I'm also at Breckland Lodge Sunday night & would love to join a table for dinner. The usual 7:30 Pm Martin? Colin, how could you ever think you were Billy no Mates?:D
19/05/2016 16:54:57
Martin Holmes
Message to all staying at Breckland Lodge but especially for Colin, Steve, Nigel Tim and Fran. I have booked a table but annoyingly for the hungry the hotel would not let me reserve a table before 8.00pm as they do get busy on a Sunday evening. 8.00pm is it then chaps....( shall we meet in the bar at 7.30? ) Everyone is of course welcome to join our 'MGoT' table and we positively encourage all staying or those nearby or in the area to join us too... For good housekeeping and so I can update the hotel re numbers please could anyone else wanting to eat on Sunday evening at Breckland Lodge add your name on this thread... So, as of now I think we are:- Martin Holmes Steve Brand Nigel Silman Tim Guy Fran Guy Colin Carpenter Thanks..and look forward to seeing you all on Sunday evening - others very welcome. Best regards, Martin
20/05/2016 11:35:35
Steve Higgs
And another ! Steve Higgs Thanks..and look forward to seeing you all on Sunday evening - others very welcome. Best regards,
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