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20/03/2016 08:31:21
Hello, I couldn't remember the name of the company that were taking photos on the 14th March at Donington. Looking through the site it seems Xtreme Photography are the partner, however their website doesn't seem to be working using the link on the home page. Is there another link?
20/03/2016 13:06:03
I did Donington last October and I seem to recall that their site worked immediately after the event, but there were never any of images from Donington on there. Not too long afterwards the site didn't work at all and I've never been able to find a new site (of course that may be my error!).
20/03/2016 13:31:48
Interesting. You are absolutely right, it was Nick from Xtreme, but the website seems to have disappeared. Let me e-mail him & let you know what has happened.
02/04/2016 12:01:40
Hi Nigel, any news on the photos?
12/04/2016 16:36:39
That photographer chap needs to jump into the developer; he's invisible at the moment!
12/04/2016 18:02:36
Hi All, I have tried twice by e-mail to get hold of Nick, with no luck and am now trying to get a phone number for him. Will keep you all updated - don't lose hope yet!
15/04/2016 19:34:16
OK, have been in touch with Nick and it seems that his web hosting company has had problems so Nick is in the process of building a new website. In the interim, he will happily e-mail out proofs to anyone interested in photos from Donington (& any other events he covers for us). Please just drop me an e-mail or PM and I will put you in touch with Nick via e-mail.
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