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18/03/2016 15:26:47
Here's mine of the[URL=""] last morning session[/URL]. This was my first visit to Donington, so by the lunch break I was beginning to get the hang of the circuit. The following wind along the downhill straights was very helpful to the top speed;) By the third session my new brake pads had bedded in, and I rather enjoyed being able to really stand on the brakes into the chicane. I reckon it was the brakes that gave me enough lap speed to persuade one or two more powerful cars to let me by! Great day.
18/03/2016 22:55:45
Nice video Mike, this is mine from the first session after lunch, car & driver re-fuelled.[url][/url] An excellent day!
19/03/2016 18:26:30
Col 180
[url][/url] Good day at Donnington:), had a lot of space in this session after lunch sadly camera battery ran out before the end.
20/03/2016 08:15:08
Here's one of the last red group session of the day: [url][/url] Some quite bad brake fade after passing the silver MGF with a spoiler, hence backing off for a few laps. Great day with perfect conditions.
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