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15/03/2016 09:39:46
Hello, I just wanted to say thank you to all involved in organising and running Donington yesterday. I really, really, really enjoyed myself and the coaching was brill. If it helps with any planning of future events, a little bit of feedback from me would be that I really don't mind doing without the rain. I don't know how much it costs to put on the rain, but I don't think the event is any less if you don't buy in rain.
15/03/2016 09:59:26
[b]ditto![/b] My first visit to Donington, and it was just as good as people say. When the sun came out, what an incredible view from the top of the Craners with all the cars strung out round the curves. I confess to deliberately going out at the back so I could some laps without having to worry about overtakers, but by the end of the day I found that I could persuade a few to let me by. I may have had the fewest horses in the group, but my brakes were up with the best - rather interesting getting the braking point into the chicane from 100mph true(!) thanks to it being downhill with a following wind. I managed a few times to enter the chicane with the inside front wheel just about locking. My TF suspension seems to be pretty forgiving! Big thanks to all!
15/03/2016 11:36:56
I'd like to say a big thanks to everyone too. First trackday for me and it definitely won't be the last! Don't think I'll be getting on the reserve list for Cadwell Park though as I have a few things to fix from Donington. Managed to eat through the rear brake pads that were only a year old so the wear markers were making a horrific noise on the way home. NSR wheel was also quite warm to the touch so maybe a new caliper and/or hub will be needed. Including the cost of parts, petrol and the day itself it was worth every penny. Craner curves at 100mph was almost a brown trouser moment but I'll never forget the feeling. Even my spin/crash at the end was enjoyable. A mix of brake fade and running out of talent into the final chicane on the final lap of the final session meant I took too much speed in and spun onto the big red sausage kerbs so my car even has a bit of Donington on it to remember the day by.:) [URL=""][/URL] For those that want to see my misfortune.
15/03/2016 12:07:31
Great to hear that you all enjoyed the day. It seems a long time since we have had a dry day at Donington - it is still my favourite circuit even in the rain! Thanks for the video footage - you are not the only one to have spun at the chicane, plenty of folks have done similar things there over the years - I missed it completely one wet day and just aqua-planed straight on into the escape area......... Hope to see you all again soon at one of our other events. If you liked Donington, then you will also really like Snetterton - plenty of fast sections combined with technical parts that flow if you get them right.
15/03/2016 13:25:18
[b]Again - big thanks![/b] Hi All To echo the previous comments - as a "new" driver I had a great time yesterday and I'd like to say a massive thank you for making me feel so welcome. Cant wait now for Castle Combe! Kind regards Roger
15/03/2016 16:43:21
[b]Thanks for a great day[/b] As another 'first timer' I would like to add my thanks for all the hard work that goes into organising the track days. A special thanks to Dave Pearce and Tim Guy for the initial communications about Donington and to Andy Ayriss for his mentorship on the day. Well done guys. I thought the whole day was extremely well organised from the initial sign on to the return of the helmet at the end of the day. To arrange a dry and sunny day was extremely thoughtful - it was hard enough to stay on the tarmac in the dry so what it would have been like in the wet I shudder to think! I've learnt a lot about the handling and performance of the car (and my driving abilities) in a safe environment, which is what it's all about. Great company too. A thoroughly enjoyable day and one that I hope to repeat in the not too distant future. Dave W.
15/03/2016 21:01:30
I am glad that our 'First Timers' enjoyed their day. It really was a change to get a dry day at Donington. 'Mellors' - Track Days are very hard on brakes you may find it worth fitting something like the Green Stuff Pads or Yellow Stuff Pads we find they last much better on our MGF Trophy and don't get the brake fade. As for last session we have all been there, you feel very confident that you know the course well after driving it all day and you push your car just a little bit too much. If fact some members often don't do last session if they have had a really good day 'they say they don't want to temp fate':D 'Michaelcngm' - It is a really good idea to go out at the back of the queue when you are new and something I personally have done and would recommend. It allows you to go round the track for a few laps concentrating on the circuit without worrying whose behind you.:)
15/03/2016 23:02:04
I echo previous comments, a great day. My first time at Donnington and first dry track day for a while. I too nearly overcooked it at the end of the start /finish straight after the chequered flag on the last session just caught it before it became too embarrassing. I am running Black Diamond predator pads and no sign of fade despite working the ABS pretty hard, they do get a bit smelly though. Fuel consumption was pretty high too. Thanks again. Nigel Smith The Purple F
16/03/2016 09:40:47
[b]fuel[/b] I reckon I get about 18mpg - best part of a gallon each session...
16/03/2016 13:01:55
[QUOTE=michaelcngm]I reckon I get about 18mpg - best part of a gallon each session...[/QUOTE] That's efficient! We used about 11 gallons across the 7 sessions, but I suppose the engine in the RV8 is more than twice the size. Great day again, best yet at Donington. Thanks all. Paul (Shared drive of Dad's Oxford Blue RV8 in the red group)
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