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29/02/2016 16:46:09
Hi everyone The time is fast approaching when I take my MGF out on track for the first time (Donington March 2016), and I'm really looking forward to it - hopefully I can pick up some tips while there on improving the car, but for now I need help sorting a suitable helmet. I know that MGOT states Snell 2005, but between DOT, and ECE as well as the various Snell dates I'm completely lost!! I see that people have previously mentioned the Sparco Club X1 helmet which is ECE approved and says its good for track days, but is this still suitable??? And for anyone going to Donington, I'll be the one asking all the obvious questions trying not to get in the way :)
01/03/2016 09:52:26
Morning Roger, According to my Sparco literature, the Club X1 does not have any formal type approval and is only recommended by them for indoor karting and non-regulated track activity. Most tracks now require helmets that meet the current FIA/MSA standard. The current MSA Blue Book allows: 10.3.1. Standards. Helmets bearing one of the under mentioned ‘standards’ may be approved by the MSA subject to other criteria being met. See also drawing 10.3.1. (a) ALL MSA NATIONAL EVENTS FIA 8860-2004 (Not valid after 31.12.20) FIA 8860-2010 FIA 8859-2015 SNELL SA2005 (Not valid after 31.12.18) SNELL SA2010 (Not valid after 31.12.23) SNELL SA2015 (Not valid after 31.12.23) SNELL SAH2010 (Not valid after 31.12.23) SFI Foundation 31.1A, 31.2A (Not valid after 31.12.2018) That is not to say that the track organisation will actually check your helmet - you see all manner of headgear allowed out, but I would advise something to the latest standard that will last you a number of years if well looked after and avoids the risk of not being allowed on track. There are some budget brands such as HeadTec that meet current standards. If you are at all unsure or have any more questions, please ask - someone else may not be so forthcoming and have the same question!:o
01/03/2016 13:57:51
Hello Roger, Firstly you will be very welcome at Donington as Paul says, please don't be shy in asking as we were all first timers once. The Event Manager will assign a mentor to you for the day whose role is to help you through the sign on and preparation phases as well as keep a general eye on you throughout your first day. Having said that, all MGoT committee members wear Black / Orange "uniform" so we are easy to spot - please come and ask any of us anything (no guarantees that we will definitely know the answer, but try us!). Specifically on helmets, try phoning Max Tyler at Racewear. He is one of our preferred partners and mention that MGoT recommended Racewear as a helmet supplier. They have a nice range of helmets to suit all budgets. I have no connection with Racewear other than as a previous, satisfied customer & custodian of that section of our website. Find Racewear here:[URL=""][/URL] or via our Member Benefits page here: [URL=""][/URL]
01/03/2016 14:20:47
Thanks both for your help. I've already spoken to Max who has been incredibly helpful. Think I've found the helmet for me - also picking up all the clobber as well - might as well go big or go home right! Regards Roger
02/03/2016 12:08:50
Hi Roger, regrettably I have only just picked up this thread, or i'd have been able to provide more accurate info regarding trackday helmets which would heve enabled you to make a more informed decision when buying. Paul Bryson unfortunately confuses the issue and is not correct in stating that most tracks require helmets meeting MSA/FIA specification for track days. The specifications he quotes relate only to Competition. Track days are non-competitive and are not subject to MSA jurisdiction. The issue of helmets has recently been the subject of detailed checking by MGoT, and the most important aspect is that the circuits are more concerned with the TYPE of helmet worn, rather than the specification. The important issue is to ensure that, for your own safety and well-being, you procure a good-quality helmet preferably meeting recent Snell spec and/or is Kite-marked; in addition you need to know what restrictions the circuits impose when driving certain types of car - in other words, whether you need a full-face helmet, or if an open-face is sufficient. The correct (ie MGoT) position is as follows: [B]Helmets -[/B]These must be worn by all drivers and passengers. [B][U] Specification: [/U][/B]All circuits require that occupants wear “suitable” helmets – ie properly fitting and secured – that are approved for car, motorcycle or karting, are undamaged, and which meet BS requirements or are Kite-marked. [I] It is your head you are protecting so it does not make sense to cut corners. The choice is yours, but MGoT recommends helmets meeting at least BS6658-85 or Snell 2000 specifications; if you are buying a new helmet you should consider Snell 2010. [/I] [B][U][I]Type: [/I][/U][/B] [U][I] Brands Hatch, Oulton Park, Snetterton, Cadwell Park, Bedford and Hethel[/I][/U][I] specify that:[/I] [FONT=Symbol][I]· [/I][/FONT][B][I]full-face helmets must be worn in any open/convertible car regardless of whether the soft-top is up or down; this includes vehicles fitted with folding fabric/Webasto sunroofs;[/I][/B] [FONT=Symbol][I]· [/I][/FONT][I]Open-face helmets may be worn in cars with a fixed roof or hard-top, and/or fitted with glass sunroofs.[/I] [U][I] Croft[/I][/U][I] specifies that:[/I] [FONT=Symbol][I]· [/I][/FONT][B][I]full-face helmets must be worn in any open/convertible car regardless of whether the soft-top is up or down; [/I][/B] [FONT=Symbol][I]· [/I][/FONT][I]folding fabric/Webasto sunroofs and open cars fitted with fixed hard-tops are not subject to the above restriction;[/I] [FONT=Symbol][I]· [/I][/FONT][I] open-face helmets may otherwise be worn.[/I] [U][I] Goodwood[/I][/U][I] requires that: [/I] [FONT=Symbol][I]· [/I][/FONT][B][I]full-face helmets must be worn in open cars fitted with cut-down or folding windscreens/aero-and flyscreens;[/I][/B] [FONT=Symbol][I]· [/I][/FONT][I]otherwise any type of helmet is acceptable. [/I] [U][I] Donington, Castle Combe and Blyton Park[/I][/U][I]:[/I] [FONT=Symbol]· [/FONT][I]do not impose restrictions on the type of helmet.[/I] [I]I hope that this is of some help, and that you now have a good-quality helmet that is correct for the car you are planning to drive. If you plan to run your MGF with the top down you will need a full-face at many of the prime circuits (mainly those run my MSV); if you prefer open-face then you will need to run with a fixed hard-top at those circuits....... [/I] [I]Pete Purcell MGoT Committee Member [/I]
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