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26/02/2016 08:33:35
Calling Richard and his weather wizard, I see you are not entered this time but could you please have a word with your friend the wizard and request a nice dry day, getting bored with the wet stuff. Hope to see you soon. Colin
26/02/2016 09:27:09
Martin C
Can't help with the weather wizard, but you can keep an eye on things here, [url][/url] Me I've always been weird and loved wet track days, but I do realize I'm in the group of 0.01% :p Sadly have to work for this one, but hope you all have a great day.
26/02/2016 13:12:04
Hi Colin, I'm afraid I had to sack the "weather wizard" for getting Brands wrong in December. I found out that he is a little liar and that he actually works for the CCB weather department. I predict it will be damp in the morning drying up from lunchtime onward's. I must admit l like a wet track as well, it makes me just as quick as the big boys! Cheers Richard
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