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09/01/2015 19:40:47
Is anyone considering staying local to Goodwood on the Friday night? I was thinking of the Premier Inn at Havant as a cheapie and on my route, but if there is somewhere people are migrating too it would be good to be a bit more sociable :o Steve
14/02/2015 19:46:19
well looks like I will be the only one staying the night before, but if anyone else is interested in doing similar, I have booked into the Premier inn at Havant. Just at the end of the A3 junction with the A27. If not see you all at Goodwood :) cheers Steve
15/02/2015 20:38:31
Hi Steve, Martin Holmes & I are staying at the White Swan, about 10mins east of Goodwood on the A27. You are very welcome to join us for dinner - we have stayed & eaten at this hotel in the past and it is always very good. This is the place I mean, for the avoidance of any doubt! [URL=""][/URL]
17/02/2015 22:37:21
thanks Nigel, will be coming from the other direction, so will only get down to Havant late evening, but thanks for the offer. Fingers crossed to see you on Saturday, MGF has just gone in for emergency Head Gasket, first sign of water in the oil when checking it yesterday, what an ar@e! Steve
18/02/2015 20:55:40
Oooh, hope you get sorted - typical 'aint it! One year, my exhaust flexi pipe decided to give up big time on my way to Brands Hatch, so i guess it could have been worse.... Hope to see you & your MGF Saturday.
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