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01/01/2015 15:51:03
Hi guys, What is the age limit for entering the track and being out on track? Thanks.
01/01/2015 18:20:44
Hi Daniel, As a driver, you have to have a full UK licence so that automatically means that you will be over 17 years old. As a passenger you need to be over 16 years old. Those younger than 16 are allowed at most tracks (there are a very few exceptions to this) and must be under the guidance & control of an adult, due to the obvious risks of cars moving about in paddocks etc. Hope this answer your question.
01/01/2015 22:25:33
Thanks Nigel. The chap in question is my 8 year old son, he's car mad so a day there would be great, I wouldn't have we expected to have him out in the car with me though so that's as expected. One other quick question if I may. I know there are days joint with Lotus on Track but I have a mate with an Elise who has shown an interest in Goodwood, is he able to sign up and join us?