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01/12/2014 19:42:18
As a complete novice (with the exception of the excellent High Weald experience) a nervous Weaver and his aged MGB arrived in the dark at Brands Hatch. Immediately greeted by friendly smiles and help, the car and I were soon settled in Pit Garage 15. Martin and Stuart - by chance my experienced garage colleagues - offered encouragement and kind words. Signing on was straight forward and the noise test well organised. The briefing revived the nerves which where settled again by Stuart and very soon I rolled down the Pit Lane in reasonable shape to meet my tutor. Another short briefing and we were off! As a local I have stood on the corner of Paddock Hill bend for years and watched countless experts fall off it. Now I was driving it! Superb. Three sessions later and the lunch time class room session helped make a lot more sense of all the information I was trying to put into some sort of order in my brain. The afternoon sessions with my tutor honed my skills sufficiently well for him to encourage a little more speed and to talk about improvements I might make to the car....Bring On Goodwood! Firstly a big thank you to the MGOT team. What an experience. Secondly thank you my fellow drivers. Those experienced and helpful pit garage colleagues and those novices who like me who on the track respected each others space and shared the thrills. A magic day. Thank you.
01/12/2014 20:12:35
Tim Guy
Glad you enjoyed your day Mark and well done Stu and Martin for helping you feel welcome :) Hope to see you again in the New Year. I think you should stand-by for Steve Brand being in touch with you wanting to extract from your nice post for our regular page in Safety Fast.
01/12/2014 21:12:47
Martin Holmes
May I, on behalf of all present at Brands today, thank Tim & Fran for organising a superb track day. To Mark, We all started once as you did today and just love to pass on that experience and to hear your kind words and enjoyment of Brands. It makes it all worthwhile and we hope to see you again at a track day next year. I echo Tim's words and am sure Steve B. will come knocking at your door!!! Happy Christmas - just about feels right to say that now we are in December!!
02/12/2014 04:29:35
Glad you enjoyed it Mark and look forward to seeing you next year As i said before your first session Have you stopped grinning yet ? :D Cheers Stu
02/12/2014 19:17:32
[b]Still smiling[/b] Still smiling :D Whilst trying to get my head around - seat adjustments, harnesses, better tyres for a '66 B on wire wheels, smaller steering wheel, stiffer suspension... Happily leaving more power for another day ;)
03/12/2014 07:26:12
Hi Mark... Really glad you enjoyed the day, it was a pleasure sharing the garage with you. The day was superb. Excellent organisation by the whole team. Many thanks as ever to Fran who does so much and always smiles whatever the weather/ problem, and doesn't even drive on these days... Thanks to all.. And see you next year... Martin :)
04/12/2014 19:11:23
Like to add my thanks for an excellent day too. My son Chris drove for half the session, his second time on track, he didn't stop grinning the whole way home:D Cheers, Richard
04/12/2014 21:48:13
Thanks for your kind comments Martin and glad you have enjoyed the year I look forward to seeing you next year on track.:D
10/12/2014 16:08:37
Col 180
Great day at Brands Hatch:). Here is some footage from Yellow session, think it was the first session after lunch: [url][/url]