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25/11/2014 09:26:56
Tim Guy
Anyone traveling to Brands southward across the QEII bridge late Sunday or early Monday might like to know about this extract from the Gov site. [quote][B]A282 (M25) Dartford – Thurrock Crossing: Maintenance work[/B] The following closures will be in place, with a fully signed diversion for oversized vehicles for the northbound east tunnel closures. The closure of the QEII Bridge will divert traffic via the eastern bore of the Dartford Tunnel which will be closed to northbound traffic on: Monday 24 November (10pm to 5am): northbound West Tunnel Tuesday 25 November (10pm to 5.30am): southbound QEII Bridge closure Wednesday 26 November (10pm to 5am): northbound West Tunnel closure Thursday 27 November (10pm to 5am): northbound East Tunnel closure Saturday 29 November (10pm to 6am): northbound East and West Tunnels closures [B]Sunday 30 November (10pm to 6am): southbound QEII Bridge closure.[/B] The QEII Bridge will have three lanes closed overnight, between 10pm and 5.30am, on Monday 24, Friday 28 and Saturday 29 November. Work on Friday night will be between 11pm and 6am. The southbound plaza will have four charging booths closed between 6am and 10pm for two days starting on Saturday 29 November. This is to remove those booths in readiness for the Dart Charge scheme. [/quote]
25/11/2014 13:28:39
Rats !:eek: We are going down to Worthing Saturday morning to see Pats family for a lunchy meal.. If the weather stays good for Monday i was going to leave early Monday morning to get over the bridge by 6am before it gets busy... hmmm :confused: Stu
25/11/2014 13:41:43
Dave P
If anyone is bringing a road registered car on a trailer through the new Dart scheme make sure you cover up the number plates of the car on the trailer. Otherwise you will be charged twice!! I have just confirmed this with their customer services.
25/11/2014 14:10:29
Hi Dave Should you not cover the plates up on the rear of the car, otherwise you will not have plates on the rear (of the trailer) for normal driving and plod might take a dim view of that ? Stu:rolleyes:
25/11/2014 15:53:46
Dave P
I don't think the extra plate on the trailer will confuse it as it will match the 2 on the tow car, I am sure they are set up for cars pulling trailers. If it picks up the plate of the car that is on the trailer it will think it is a second vehicle and charge for it again. If it has plates on and is not insured that is even worse!
28/11/2014 11:37:47
MG Dug
Further to the earlier posting [B] "Sunday 30 November (10pm to 6am): southbound QEII Bridge closure.[/B]" the diversion is via the Blackwall Tunnel. Anyone thinking of planning to cross before the new Dart Charge system, which starts at 0600, may be in for a surprise.
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