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24/11/2014 20:56:57
Tim Guy
Hi Brands Tracksters The joining email has just gone out. If you haven't received it, please check your junk folder or download from the bottom of this post. [quote]Please print and fill in both registration forms before you join the check-in queue; a set for each driver and passenger. Being an MSV circuit, there’s two forms: one is on page 6 of the MGoT event guide and the MSV form is separately attached. Please check the session list to make sure your instruction, coaching and helmet needs are listed. We have instruction spaces spare in the intermediate and experienced sessions and one coaching slot spare in the novice session. If you would like to take some instruction, please see us at check-in. You will note that we also have some track day spaces remaining unsold in all sessions. Please encourage your friends to book. Martin Holmes will be the Day manager and I and some of our committee will also be there. If you have any problems or concerns during the day, please raise them with one of us. It’s too late to do anything after the day has ended. Don’t forget your driving license together with the paper part if it is the card type and please make sure it’s in date. Looks like it might be cold so wrap up well. Look forward to seeing you all there for a great day. [/quote]
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