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25/08/2014 15:37:08
Dave P
As it has been such a rubbish day I got round to clearing out the garage and have the following for sale: From my supercharged MGB prior the the K series conversion: Moss supercharger kit, including uprated alternator and water pump (stronger bearings) all brackets and pulleys. Available either with the original SU carb or a Jenvey throttle body and injectors, crank sensor, coils and temp/pressure sensors. Emerald ECU will be required but I still have the map somewhere! Peter Burgess 'supercharger' head, with inlet ports matched to the supercharger manifold. Uprated oil pump. Cast/baffled sump. Aluminium radiator. Roller rockers, standard ratio. Standard rocker assembly. Pair of navy blue cloth seats Midget Parts: Mildly tuned 1275cc engine, no carbs but otherwise complete 3 syncro gearbox. Stainless standard exhaust system Set of 'Minilite' alloys with good but old tyres Pair of black seats All these parts came from the fully restored car that I bought and then converted.
30/01/2015 15:51:03
Richie Howard
Hi Dave, If the supercharger set-up is still available, could you send me a numbe, so that we could have a chat? Regards, Richie 07904090874
08/05/2015 22:22:19
[b]Alloy Rad[/b] Hi Dave Do you still have the rad for sale ? Dave
14/05/2015 06:20:08
Dave P
Hi Dave, No sorry, the aluminium rad has been sold. I think I still have an almost new standard rad somewhere if that is of interest; I took it out to fit the aluminum one and then blew the engine! Regards Dave
15/05/2015 16:30:44
Where are you based? What size are the midget wheels? Thanks
18/05/2015 05:46:51
Dave P
Hi, Based in Letchworth (Herts) and the wheels are 5J x 13. Drop me a PM or e-mail at [email][/email] if you are interested. Regards Dave
18/05/2015 21:57:09
Too narrow for my needs Thanks
21/05/2015 17:39:08
Hi Dave Thanks for the reply . Was only interested in the alloy rad due to the increased demand on the cooling of the zetec . Dave
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