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19/03/2014 16:02:13
Hope I've got this in the right section... I am giving in to the idea that a track car isn't such a good idea for a full time road car, as such I'm selling my trophy blue MG ZS120 to make way for an MGF (It had to be an MG replacement!!) The car is heavily modified, but has passed M.O.Ts without a hitch. Some of you may have seen it at Croft 2012, Brands Dec 2013 and Goodwood 2014 and would probably agree it's pretty quick!! The car has the following modifications: -160VVC conversion (minus inlet manifold) producing 157.2bhp (dyno results to prove available) -Lightweight flywheel, easy to drive on the road but transforms the engine into a fun quick revving beauty -52mm TB -2x sets of wheels - 4x hairpin 16's (2 close to tread limit), 4x Pro Race 1.2's 17's with R888's (tread on legal limit but plenty left for 3-4 track days) -ZS180 front brakes, I also have 180 rear calipers that I'll throw in for anybody wanting to complete the job -Stripped out interior with bucket seat and 4-point harnesses (Sabelt) -Standard tubular manifold with pre-cat removed, de-cat pipe with Cat for M.O.T. days :P -Cat back system in 2 1/4 with backbox tuned for 95dB -Fully adjustable GAZ coilovers all round with camber adjust top mounts on the rear and adjustable wishbones on the front -ZS180 front splitter and side skirts -Multiple white decals including x-power, MG Lifestyle and MGOT web address -All important push button start :P The car has done 110k but has been very regularly serviced by myself to keep her healthy for track days. I'm looking for [B][COLOR="Blue"]1250ono[/COLOR][/B] for the lot (including all the standard components removed, interior included as I still have them all, if the new buyer wants them) or will remove the modified parts for sale separately if you don't fancy the whole car. The car is not for breaking though as I don't have anywhere to keep it. Easiest way to contact me is either on here or text me on 07597245947 and I'll get back to you. Cheers for all the great track days with her, I'm sure there will be many more with the F :D Any questions don't hesitate to ask, the car is situated in Birmingham, but willing to deliver for a small cost
23/03/2014 18:47:42
Finally got some time and decent weather so thought I'd upload a few pictures
23/03/2014 18:56:38
Few more pictures...
23/03/2014 18:58:40
And the last few...
23/03/2014 19:07:40
As there has been a lack of interest the asking price is now 1000ono, try me though, I might be having an easy day :P If the car isn't sold by the 8th April, then I'll be taking off the go faster parts and selling them separately. The asking prices for those will be as follows Car Stock with ZS 180 brakes + VVC engine - 500 GAZ coilovers - 350 (refurbished 500) Front Camber adjust Wishbones - 75 Camber adjust rear top mounts - 50 Coilovers, Wishbones and top mounts together - 600 (refurbished coilovers) Harnesses - Sold Bucket seats (supply with brackets to fit ZS) - 150 (fitted 200) Pro Race 1.2's with R888's - 400 For any info PM me or text/call on 07597245947 Postage will be dependent on the part(s), I can deliver for small charge, parts are situated in North Birmingham.
27/03/2014 12:46:45
Thank you for all the interest and good times with the ZS, the car is now SOLD SOLD SOLD and I'm happy to say is going to a genuine MG enthusiast and not to be broken for spares, which unfortunately happens to so many MG's. Happy Motoring guys!!!
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