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07/01/2005 18:49:19
The day is being organised by MGoT, but shared with the Lotus on Track Club and the MX5 Owners Club. Each club will have one session each, with a maximum of 14 cars per session. Email me at [email=""][color=#0000ff][/color][/email] to book a place. I'll hold your place until 11th February. After this time I'll release any unconfirmed places to the reserve list. [size=2]After booking you can confirm your place at any time, before 11th Feb, by s[size=2]ending a cheque made payable to MGs on Track to our Treasurer: Tim Woolcott[/size][/size] [size=2]7 Cornflower Terrace[/size] [size=2]East Dulwich[/size] [size=2]London[/size] [size=2]SE22 0HH[/size] As a bonus the MGF Register is organising a weekend in North Wales over the 12th-13th March to take in the sights (and fantastic roads) around the A5, Bala, Barmouth, Horseshoe pass areas. So, why not make a three day weekend of it. Contact Mark Leonard at [email=""][/email] for details. [b][size=3]Current bookings:[/size][/b] [b]MGoT session (14 spaces max):[/b] 1. Dave Livingstone, MGF - [b]Paid[/b] 2. Mark Leonard, MGF - [b]Paid[/b] 3. Garry Leonard, MG ZR - [b]Paid[/b] 4. Mike O'Leary, MGB GT V8 - [b]Paid[/b] 5. John Lister, MG Midget - [b]Paid[/b] 6. David Scargill, MG RV8 - [b]Paid plus instruction[/b] 7. Ralph Gadsby, MG ZS180 - [b]Paid[/b] 8. Danny Cusworth. MG Midget - [b]Paid[/b] 9. Bill Sharp, MGC GT - [b]Paid[/b] 10. Jonathan Lee, MGF - [b]Paid + Extra Driver + Instruction x 2[/b] 11. Mark Walton, MG ZR - [b]Paid[/b] 12. Mike Hankin, MGF - [b]Paid[/b] 13. Robert Nickson, MGF 14. Brian Pollard, MGF [b]MX5 session (14 spaces max):[/b] 1. Mark Harris, MX5 [font=Verdana][b]Paid + Helmet + Instruction[/b][/font] 2. Paul Starkey, MX5 - [b]Paid[/b] [size=2]3. Steve Bendall, MX-5 [b]Paid + Extra Driver + Instruction x 2[/b][/size] [size=2]4. Ryan Hewitt, Lotus Elise S2 [b]Paid + Extra Driver [/b][/size] [size=2]5. Martin Burke, Lotus Elan [b]Paid + Instruction[/b][/size] [size=2]6. Bevan Adams, MX5 [b]Paid + passenger/driver + instruction[/b][/size] [size=2]7. Jonathan Blake, MX5 - [b]Paid[/b][/size] [size=2]8. Mark Farnsworth, MX5 - [b]Paid[/b][/size] 9. Gary Colbourne, MX5 - [b]Paid[/b] 10. Peter Jones, MX5[size=2]- [b]Paid[/b][/size] 11. John Cookson, MX5 - [b]Paid[/b] 12. Jason Spendlove, MX5 - [b]Paid + Extra Driver [/b] 13. 14. [b]LoT session (14 spaces max):[/b] 1. Paul Golding, Lotus Elise 2. Martin Houston 3. Mark Anderson, Lotus Exige 4. Jocelyn Manners-Armstrong, VRX 220 5. Matthew Killock 6. Mike Butler 7. Dean Goddard 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13 14.
01/03/2005 12:56:39
Final details are now available for Anglesey. Sign-on starts at 8.45am in the clubhouse. Passengers must also sign on. Wristbands will be allocated to drivers and passengers. The mandatory driver briefing is at 9.30am, also in the clubhouse. Track time runs from 10.00am until 5.00p.m with a 40 minute lunch break at 1.00pm. The first few laps of each initial session will be behind a pace car. A caterer is open from 8.30am. There are no pit garages, but a large scrutineering bay if cover is needed in the event of bad weather.
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