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04/06/2013 11:34:58
Has anyone booked anything? If so where?
04/06/2013 19:10:45
Hi Steve I am booked into breckland lodge on the a11 at attleborough, i have stayed there many times for work. its literally 5 mins past snetty on the first roundabout you come to. They are doing a half price deal for premier rooms on a sunday night at the moment i have just got one for £42, free wifi but that doesnt include breky. Comfy beds in the newer premier rooms ! Stu
05/06/2013 11:21:02
Hi Stu, Thanks for the tip... I've just booked in too, though I wont tell you I only paid £39.50 ;) Still a few rooms left....... get in quick!
05/06/2013 13:02:03
Booked mine ages ago - £49 I think. Too keen:o
05/06/2013 13:03:56
Likewise, £48.50 booked weeks ago, also too keen........
22/06/2013 16:07:26
Dinner at Eight?...Breckland Lodgers??
23/06/2013 02:23:20
okey dokey :D
Goodwood - 18/02/2023 NEARLY SOLD OUT - 4 PLACES LEFT!!

Hurry up...