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21/03/2013 11:33:44
MG Dug
A brand new CJAutos 3 in 1 tilting lifter for sale. NOW SOLD Weight capacity 1500kg Width adjustable between 410 - 15530mm Height adjustable between 150 - 585mm See website - [URL=""][/URL] - for more details / photos / video List price £540 - open to sensible offers including delivery within 100 miles of Chelmsford
22/03/2013 00:26:12
Tim Guy
And a jolly good piece of kit it is too. I have one; perfect for Fs where you need to get over and under in the same job or need all 4 wheels off the ground at the same time. Also most excellent for fiddling with suspension & brakes. Goes flat but needs a bit of wall storage space in the garage unless you are going to break it down every time. Also has a propensity to dig itself into tarmac unless you put some runners down first. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG]
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