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15/09/2012 19:43:43
Figured I'd kick-start the video thread for Castle Combe: [url=]Yellow Session 5[/url] [url=]Yellow Session 6[/url] - Wet session [url=]Yellow Session 7[/url] Enjoyed my first time at Castle Combe; it's definitely one of the better circuits.
17/09/2012 11:46:43
Nice video Matt! Don't know where I was, but nowhere near you obviously!
17/09/2012 17:57:55
I think you were at Goodwood,you went past me there as well.Thanks for the wave.
19/09/2012 11:53:01
Col 180
Here is my videos driving the Metro GTa I brought 2 days before the trackday! Thought I would experiment and mount the Camera on the rollcage for a different angle, results are not that great. [url=]Yellow Session 3[/url] [url=]Yellow Session 4[/url] Car had a amusing amount of torque but a lack of a LSD and driver skill meant putting the power down exiting corners was a challenge!
21/09/2012 17:29:08
[b]More Video... From the red session[/b] Hi All... I chose the single camera option this time... This was my last run... I've added a laptime to the video too... [URL=""]MGTF 135++ Session 7 Martin Driving[/URL] All editing done with Pinnacle 16 HD software.. More of my friend Steve's fastest session to come too!! Martin :)
04/12/2012 18:42:15
There are a couple more videos on youtube of my MGB at Castle Combe that some might find fun to watch. The first is the BCV8 race from Castle Combe in August. [URL=""][/URL] And the second is some testing that we did early in the year in the FIA spec car. It takes three laps to get going really so you might want to skip the first 5 mins of the vid: [URL=""][/URL]
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