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28/03/2012 16:38:56
Hopefully no-one will need to take advantage of this but - just in case - regular attendees of the Silverstone day might like to make a note of an astonishingly helpful garage, just 6 miles from the home of British motor racing. eurolane mot & service 5 Swan Business Park Osier Way Buckingham MK18 1TB tel: 01280 822 822 e: [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] w: [URL=""][/URL] On Monday morning I somehow managed to 'boil' my clutch fluid. After a little while to cool off the car - which was then just about driveable - I found eurolane who set about bleeding the system as soon as I arrived, allowing me to get back to the circuit and enjoy a full afternoon. Their whole approach was as helpful as you could possibly hope for and I'd heartily recommend them. One additional thought - I'd never heard of boiling clutch fluid - but apparently it's not unknown. If yours hasn't been replaced for a long time, perhaps it would be a good idea to get it done.
02/04/2012 20:46:07
That's good to know, it's always reassuring to know that you can get good service near the track. Ironically, it would have been even better if I'd known about this on the day itself when the alternator seized when pulling into the nearby McDonalds for dinner... Still, the AA got me home (after several hours) and the Metro will soon be fixed... let's just hope that's the only mechanical mishap I'll have at Silverstone. And if not... well, at least I'll know where to go. ;)
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