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18/03/2012 07:37:40
Tim Guy
[EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]Gosh, Castle Combe sold out quickly. For those who might have missed out, maybe there's some comfort that there's another chance to go to there in September. Its on the home page at provisional status and as can be seen, exactly the same format and price as the June event. If you did want to go in June, please put your name on the reserve list by emailing [EMAIL=""]Steve Hill[/EMAIL] Those with Twitter accounts can keep up with MGoT news and advance notice of days selling quickly by clicking the 'Follow' link at the bottom of the home page. Tim.
20/04/2012 18:06:37
Tim Guy
We've released another 12 spaces for the Castle Combe event this September, which are now booking on the website. Also another two afternoon coaching slots released. Anyone who has already booked the track day can get one of these slots by emailing [EMAIL=""]Dave Pearce[/EMAIL]
03/09/2012 19:20:51
Dave P
The event guide and session list have been sent out to all those who have booked. Copies are attached here but contact me at [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] if there are any problems. Regards Dave
07/09/2012 12:57:29
Looking forward to a dry run this time on Monday!
07/09/2012 22:10:32
Martin C
We might have to start a Sun dance :confused: [url][/url]
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