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13/01/2012 14:43:41
Is there any access to the spectator areas around the circuit for private photographers? I'm bringing a friend who'd like to get some long-lens action shots (when he's not holding on tight in the car!)
14/01/2012 06:25:26
Tim Guy
Hi Michael The spectator stands are not usually open but your friend can walk around the circuit (and pit lane) with a camera. He/she will need to sign an indemnity form and get a photographer's high vis jacket from the circuit operators. Ask at check in and we will be able to point you in the right direction but please be prepared to wait a bit; check in is a busy time for us. Tim
14/01/2012 10:36:28
Thanks Tim - my pal has a pretty good eye for a photo, so there should be some good ones to post!
22/01/2012 22:19:56
You can get some good shots even without signing on as "Media"; the banking just before the Hangar Straight bridge by the Experience Centre and the infield inside the end of the Maggots/Beckets complex are good. Wherever you go, you will need your walking legs and a tripod/monopod because it aint half windy! If you can get close to the outside of the new Village/Loop turns I think you will get some excellent views.
04/03/2012 20:02:38
i usually go to the luffield corner where the fencing is lower and you can shoot over the top from the banked area it is usually open, but i am interest in getting the media vest this will open up the whole circuit for photo's and yes it is a long walk and will be cold see you there. regards brent
05/03/2012 13:16:54
Martin C
Hi all, I must have been asleep as I've missed this thread :( I note some mention of signing on to gain trackside access - the sign on as "media". I do the circuit co-ordination role for the club - looking through the terms, conditions and operating rules for circuit hire. To sign on as "media" you will have to have public liability insurance to the value of £10M minimum to be able to do this. They will ask you to present your PLI certificate as proof. But to access the normal spectator areas and the pit lane this is not required. Sometimes you can find a grandstand that isn't locked and can gain access. Also you can drive round the circuit via the outer perimiter road. When going back out of the circuit from the pits, as you come over the bridge to the main gate turn left or right before getting to the gate and follow the road around, please keep to the speed limit though. If you stop make sure the car is off the road and not blocking any access. Have a good day.
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