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11/01/2012 21:16:07
Rooms available at £19 for the night of Sunday 25th and Monday 26th March..Already booked mine 2 weeks ago .... Cheers for now Gary & Dee .. 21.15 ..11/1 /2012 ...
12/01/2012 00:25:06
john dignan
[b]Premier Inn[/b] Places also available at Silverstone Premier Inn - as at 00.25 on 12 Jan 12.:)
14/01/2012 14:29:32
I'm booked in at the Premier Inn, I had booked that before seeing this post. I guess with the number of cars attending both places will have fair number of MG's in the car park on the 25th :)
14/01/2012 20:22:21
Martin Holmes
Hi All, After a rather indifferent meal last year at The Greene Man ( adjacent Prem Inn , Silverstone ) and I am being very polite (!) some of us have elected to stay at The Saracen's Head in Towcester NN12 6BX and all are welcome of course - currently rooms compare quite well price wise with Prem Inn if you use etc. Your Club Secretary is there with Trever Leighton, Roger Davison, Steve Brand and hopefully The Guys but the more the merrier! In addition do please join us for dinner - all welcome! Martin
23/01/2012 10:02:20
The Saracens Head is full - got to it too late. Shame as it is much better than the Travelodge - it has decent beer! Got in to the Premier Inn at the Greene Man with a discounted non-refundable rate. I found the Travelodge a bit noisy if you get a room on the road side. I need my beauty sleep more than ever nowadays.
23/01/2012 18:39:01
Does everyone staying at the Saracen's Head/Travelodge/Premier Inn all have to wear a pink carnation or something so we recognise each other :D.
27/01/2012 19:38:17
Just booked a room at the Saracens head. Will wear an MG top of some description.
29/01/2012 18:20:30
Jammy b*****d! Their website said they had no availability when I tried last week. Just have to slum it with Lenny Henry instead.:p
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