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06/04/2011 21:02:51
Tim Guy
The Event Guide emails have just gone out. If you don't receive your copy please check your spam box. Failing that the Guide and session list are attached below. Unfortunately I now can't be with you on the day but Martin Charles has kindly stepped into the breech. Please contact him with any queries. Martin's contact numbers are, Work 023 8024 5313, Home 023 8084 4699 Have a great day Tim Guy [quote][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana]Hello All,[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana] Attached is the event guide for our Track Day with LoT at Donington this coming Monday, 11th April. It contains all you need to know about the organisation of the day before you arrive. [/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana]PLEASE READ THE GUIDE AND FILL IN THE FORMS BEFORE YOU COME.[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana]You can help speed up sign-on considerably and reduce queuing time if you print out the attached MGoT indemnity form (Appendix A) and bring it with you fully completed. Please make sure your 2nd drivers and passengers to do the same.[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana] [/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana]GARAGES[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana]Lotus on Track have assigned Garages 1 to 12 for MGoT use. Please share equitably.[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana] DON'T FORGET YOUR ROAD LICENCE Please don't forget your full licence - both the plastic and paper parts if you have the newer type. All cars must be road legal and conform to current MOT standards unless you have agreed otherwise with the MGoT committee in advance. SESSIONS[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana]There is only one MGoT set of sessions which start at 9:40 and then 20 mins to each hour thereafter. PLEASE CHECK YOUR PRE-BOOKED INSTRUCTION OR HELMET HIRE The attached session list shows the pre-bookings for instruction and helmet hire. Please check that your booking is correct and let us know if you think it should be different.[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana]DOCUMENTS ALSO ON WEBSITE[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana]If for any reason you cannot open either of the attachments please go to the MGoT website and download them from the Donington Forum in the Pit Lane.[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana] ANY QUESTIONS? Unfortunately I can’t now be with you on the day but Martin Charles has stepped into the breech to manage our part of the day. Please call him in advance with any questions or ask for assistance during the day. Committee members Dave Pearce and Martin Holmes will also be there to help with any problems. [/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana]I hope you all have a great day.[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT][FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana] Kind regards,[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=2][FONT=Verdana]Tim Guy[/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT] [/quote]