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24/03/2011 19:58:02
I am looking at selling my MGTF to make space for a new project, the car has been professionally modified to just under 200 bhp,and much faster than a cup car or standard elises, the car is very reliable and has done 6 trackdays the most recent being Silverstone,check out gallery pics pages1&16, it has covered 51K miles, the mods are forged pistons, banded liners, steel rods, uprated bearings, piper 285 cams, ported cylinder head,piper vernier pulleys, jenvey throttle bodies, carbon fibre trumpets, emerald ecu, AP racing clutch, piper race exhaust manifold and SS exhaust, silenced de cat, front mounted oil cooler,AP calipers with braided hoses high temp racing fluid and mintex 1144 new brake pads,Gaz adjustable shocks with uprated springs,Mike Satur roll hoops etc,new alternator and starter motor, track tyres Toyo R888 on MG 16" wheels, road tyres Toyo T1R on Black 17" team dynamics wheels.mods have cost £8-£10 K so serious offers, I could sell engine and ecu for £3 k + alone can be contacted by e mail [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] Hi to everyone that has shown interest in the car I must apologise as I am off to New York till a week on Mon and shall reply on my return. Car is a 52plate,MOT till Nov, Tax till Aug, 1 owner [IMG][/IMG]
09/02/2012 12:43:27
Hi everyone sorry I was considering putting my car up for sale last year and was asked by a few members details cost etc,I was so busy with work I put the car in the garage and it has sat there since silverstone last year, the car is on e bay now item no Item number: 200711953396. mail me on [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL] if you have any queries
28/02/2012 21:29:06
Martin C
28/02/2012 23:08:10
[quote=Martin C]NOW SOLD...............TO AN MGoT REGULAR I BELIEVE :D[/quote]You didn't :eek: Well I never :)
29/02/2012 06:39:45
Martin C
[quote=Dave]You didn't :eek: Well I never :)[/quote] NO I DIDN'T :( ....................I think it is a friend of Dave Pearce's ;)
02/03/2012 12:49:14
Dave P
Alan Byram has bought the car, he used to do all the track days with me but is commuting to Wales each week at the moment so can't make Mondays. We are giving it an outing with LoT this weekend so will see how it goes! Dave P
05/03/2012 19:25:24
Martin C
[quote=Dave P]We are giving it an outing with LoT this weekend so will see how it goes! Dave P[/quote] How'd Alan get on with it Dave ?
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