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26/04/2010 19:13:06
Hi all Had a great day thanks. Will definitely do it again. Terry
26/04/2010 19:39:17
Cracking day. 7 sessions for fantastic value. A track that should not be missed for something different. The banked section was something to be experienced but not to be messed with.:eek: The in-field had it all. Slow corners, fast straights and fast bends. :D The weather probably made it the perfect day ( dry through-out ) but as usualy the people I met made it the complete day.:) Thanks to all the committee members for thier time and efforts. Also to all the drivers in my session that made it a joy to share the track with.:cool: Hope to see you all again soon, Dave
26/04/2010 21:10:20
[b]thanks[/b] Thanks all for a great day out :) FAB track ,great weather,nice people:) all i needed was more POWER ! 2/3 of a tank of diesel their& back from brum & a trackday can't be bad thou!:D just need two new front tyres & cars good as new :cool:
27/04/2010 09:02:01
MG roger
[b]Rockingham 2010[/b] Rockingham will surely establish itself as one of the great UK circuits as more people experience the terrific variety it has to offer with banked oval and tight infield all requiring concentration with the wide track offering plenty of safe overtaking even on some bends by consent. I am sure all who went yesterday had a fantastic time and will be gagging to return given the opportunity. Many thanks to all at MGoT who made the day possible and worked so hard to fill all the available slots Roger D :) :) :)
27/04/2010 10:08:01
Must agree with all of the above, such a fantastic circuit! Tyres stood up well, but my front brakes are squeeling quite a bit :eek: The first bend at full throttle is quite something! Many thanks to all at MGOT.
27/04/2010 10:50:20
[B]Big Thanks to ALL MGOT organisers for a great day and 1st time at The Rock for MGOT ![/B] Rockingham is a very friendly circuit... I'm sure all those that attended enjoyed the day, and those that missed it, missed out !! The track though is more demanding and challenging than it first appears... and can turn round and bite you on the 'derrier' if its not given some respect... [I](as i found out...again ! ) :o [/I] A mixture of High/Slow speed corners and an Oval banking that makes you realise the ' roundy roundy indy stuff ' they do in America is not just a walk in the park ! From a spectator point of view, the whole of the track can be seen from various angles, and the 'roof garden' above the garages offers all of that, without having to stroll too far. The weather also played its part being 'just right' and uniquely, The garages dont suffer from an arctic wind like most. A very enjoyable day. :)
27/04/2010 15:52:37
[b]Big vote for Rockingham[/b] Thanks for organising such a great day! With a track that tests your handling - acceleration through the gears - top speed on the banking it really was the toughest test for my midget. Had a great day with good company as always. The sun stayed out and the car and tyres got hot and bothered but the bonnet stayed down! What more could I ask for! Can we go there again next year please!?? (If you didn't go this year you really missed something.:p ) Roger
27/04/2010 18:19:05
Sounds like you all had a great time :) Does anyone fancy putting pen to paper and sharing their experiences with Safety Fast readers? I have my usual monthly page to fill by 3rd May and an article about Rockingham might encourage a few others to book next time around (assuming the committee risk another Rockingham day!) If you can help please just email me at [email][/email] Thanks, Dave
27/04/2010 18:58:13
Id like to Dave as I said I would for Silverstone last year but never got round to it! Ive got plenty of pics and had quite an eventful time!
27/04/2010 19:06:23
Martin C
[quote=mattie007]Id like to Dave as I said I would for Silverstone last year but never got round to it! Ive got plenty of pics and had quite an eventful time![/quote] That would be great if you can Matt, you could also tell about your experience in driving 2 ZS's in one day, it would be a great way of thanking Derek. As you said a thoroughly nice chap, as are all our members IMO, but I have say you are a very nice young man and a pleasure to see you out with us again and share some track time with you this time. :D
27/04/2010 19:11:46
Thanks Martin. Yes, all MGoT people are very friendly and make you feel welcome! Have to say, im not quite as brave as you in some corners but I was flat out through the first corner at 100mph and quite a bit more in Dereks ZS! Something I won't forget in a hurry! Great people, great cars, great track!
27/04/2010 19:43:15
Martin C
[quote=mattie007]Have to say, im not quite as brave as you in some corners[/quote] I think you under estimate your talent young Sir! I seem to remember letting you go through twice in the morning when you were in your 120 :D
27/04/2010 21:13:43
[QUOTE=mattie007]Id like to Dave as I said I would for Silverstone last year but never got round to it! Ive got plenty of pics and had quite an eventful time![/QUOTE] Excellent :D Do what you can and email it to me at [email][/email]. I can always help with editing if you need it. Our main objective with these articles is to encourage others to pluck up the courage to join in the fun - some people need a little encouragement ;)
28/04/2010 17:34:14
[b]rockingham[/b] I would just like to add my thanks to the committee for organising this event, I had a great day, superb track except for my spin and appologies to Rodger for deafening him early on but it does make a lovely sound. we must visit again next year. once again many thanks Mike Humphries:)
02/05/2010 07:46:46
Tim Guy
A nice collection of photos from the day in the gallery. Thanks to all that posted them : Trevor, Matt, Alan, Terry, Martin & Steve. I always enjoy browsing them a couple of weeks afterwards, bringing back the memories :)
04/05/2010 20:41:43
Derek Porter
[b]Rockingham really rocks![/b] Many thanks to the committee for organising a superb day at Rockingham. In view of the positive comments regarding the circuit, I hope you will be able to fill another day there next year. It was pleasure to let Matt drive my car as he certainly enjoyed it. It was interesting to drive his ZS120 while he was driving my 180. Being lighter at the front, I found that I could carry more speed through the corner in the 120 without the need to brake much or at all for some of the bends. I have now discovered the reason why Martin can catch and pass a 180!:)
06/05/2010 12:18:10
Haha! Im going to view a 180 at the weekend, think you have had some influence in that! Thanks again Derek!
06/05/2010 13:07:58
Martin C
[quote=Derek Porter] I have now discovered the reason why Martin can catch and pass a 180!:)[/quote] Only on some circuits Derek, lets be honest Rockingham, as is Silverstone GP, Goodwood and Castle Combe, are all power circuits and no way can my little 120 compete with a well driven 180. Hence the reason I had to let you go and watch you disappear down the oval section of track:D Around such circuits over a 20 minute session I am pleased if I can keep within 1/2 lap of them come the end of the session. But it is great fun trying to keep up ;) However on tight technical circuits, Brands Indy, Oulton Park and to lesser extent Donington, where there are not long straights for the 180 to stretch their legs, then yes I'm happy to be in a 120 and hounding its bigger brothers :)