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11/04/2010 20:25:58
Gareth Evans
To my surprise, I read the MGs on track email shot saying there are still places available at Rockingham. All I can say is come on people get booked up, this is a great circuit for driving on. I did the single seater experience there a few years ago. The main straight is very exciting. With the infield offering a challenging series of bends and this curcuit also has the advantage of having generous grass edges, not kitty litter, in the unlikely event anybody runs out of talent;) OK im not going, but I have a good reason (baby due a few days later) Go on book up, you know you want to. [URL=""][/URL]
12/04/2010 06:52:47
Martin C
[quote=Gareth Evans] OK im not going, but I have a good reason (baby due a few days later)[/quote] Hi Gareth, All of us at MGoT wish Donna and yourself best wishes for impending new arrival, I suppose we can accept that as an excuse ;) Seriously it is a total mystery why this has not proven to be more popular :confused: We even appear to have very little interest from inviting other track day partners members and those registered with us who drive different marques. I guess for what ever reason it just does not appeal to the majority, shame really, but at least we will have given a try.
12/04/2010 08:24:31
Gareth Evans
mgs-ontrack are roughly £100 "cheaper" than the commercial operators as well. The world works in misterious ways. Fingers crossed for some late entries.