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16/03/2010 13:14:11
John Lister
Is Oulton Park going to be added to this years list of circuits?? Also it has been a long time since we have been to the Anglesey circuit, it would be nice to drive the new layout. A lot of people might think that it is a bit far, but it is duel carriageway all along the North Wales coast and across Anglesey, and is only about 1.5 hours from Chester.
16/03/2010 13:43:58
Martin C
Hi John, Oulton Park isn't on the calander this year, MSV didn't have any dates suitable for us this year. There is a very slim chance we may get at last minute cancellation, but we are not holding our breath. But I think we will be doing all we can to secure a date for 2011, it has been very popular. Committee have talked about Anglesey, the club have not been there since the circuit was altered. IIRC the view is, it is expensive to book, granted it is not far from Chester, but 75% of our core membership is based in the south/east, so it is a long way for the majority of the likely participants. If you take myself just west of Southampton it is probably 5 - 6 hours drive? That would mean two nights away for me as I wouldn't fancy a 6 hour drive home after being on track all day. On that basis I couldn't justify the expenditure to do it, I suspect others may feel the same? It is of course the clubs AGM this Saturday March 20th, perhaps you would like to table a formal question for AOB to cover this. If you would then please send to [EMAIL=""][/EMAIL]
16/03/2010 20:41:59
[b]Love to but...[/b] ...I would also have to do two nights away as well as the afternoon before and the morning after away from work. Aldershot is a fair flog from Anglesey so unless the Committee can blag a Saturday date, it is not on for me. At least we no longer would have to run the gauntlet of Brunstrom's over-zealous policing policy.:cool: See all y'all on Monday. Rgds, Paul
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