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05/08/2009 13:28:35
MG roger
Stu, I think you had the best job last night but nonetheless thankyou, Martin & Tim for looking after everybody. I can confirm Proxys are not recommended for a wet Silverstone, about the sliperiest circuit in the wet I know, - my admiration for Lewis Hamilton has gone up 2 notches !! Most importantly Paul and Stuart are basically unhurt, great pity about the B - I can fully sympathise ! Lets hope they are not put off and can get back on track Roger
06/08/2009 11:53:36
[b]The importance of insurance[/b] Many thanks to all for the kind thoughts and words after I decided to add a British Racing Green stripe to the Santander wall (I would have preferred tyres to concrete though). Paul has a sore neck and I look as if I have been kicked in the side by a horse. Whether the B will survive or be written off is in the hands of the insurers. Fortunately I recently transferred my insurance to Heritage, so race days are covered, also with value assured I will at least get something back to lessen the pain. Even with £1000.00 excess on track days it is well worth it. Thanks for the lift home Steve and the entertainment on the way. Regards to all Stuart
06/08/2009 14:27:37
Stuart, I was watching the session from the pit wall when you crashed and I have to say it shook me up just watching it so it must have been horrible inside the car. I am very glad that you are both OK. Joe
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