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05/08/2009 08:51:14
The weather gods were definitely not looking favorably on us yesterday evening leaving us with about the most difficult Silverstone conditions we have encountered in all our visits there. Boy was it slippery !:eek: We had an unfortunate incident just seven minutes into the MGOT first full session which started at 6pm. ( Prior to that there had already been 3 spins ! ) Stuart and his passenger Paul were quite shaken up but are OK. I should imagine they'll both have a few bruises to show for the experience today but sadly his lovely MGB looked the worst for wear. The rest of the evening was uneventful apart from a few further minor moments and every appeared to enjoy the eve even though 'Driving Miss Daisy' mode had to be selected. I would like to thank once again one of our fellow participants Steve Childs for stepping in and offering both Stuart and Paul a lift home. Just goes to show what a great bunch of enthusiasts we have on board at MGOT. Lets hope thats the end of our rain demons and we see sunny days for the rest of the season. Cheers folks Stu :D
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